The Airport Defender newsletters are atthe heart of the Defender's efforts at informing and educating Michigan public airport operators and their insurers as to various aspects of the law that have a direct effect upon the defense of general liabilitymatters and how they are handled.This information is not only useful regarding a specific matter at a specific time, but is also usefulin aiding public airport operators in developing ongoing operational and management strategies that take into account the legal framework in which all Michigan public airports operate.

The Airport Defender newsletters come out on a quarterly basis.Each newsletter covers a specific area of the law and/or atopic applicable to all Michigan public airports.This web site contains an archive of all previously issued newsletters set forth by issue number and topic. As this archive will grow on a quarterly basis, I invite you to return to the Airport Defender web site often in order to stay informed and up to date.

If you are not receiving a hard copy of the quarterlynewsletters when they are issued and desire to do so, pleasee-mailme at to get onto our mailing list.

Below please find the list of archived newsletters. Each newsletter is on Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded at your convenience, just click on the issue you would like to obtain.

Issue 4, August 2008: Public vehicle exception and governmental employee immunity.

Issue 3, May 2008: The public highway exception to Michigan governmental immunity.

Issue 2, February 2008: The public building exception to Michigan governmental immunity.

Issue 1, November 2007: Michigan governmental immunity generally and the proprietary function exception.



For questions not covered within the Airport Defender newsletters or for questions of a specific nature, please feel free to e-mail me directly at or phone me anytime. All initial telephone conferences are conducted free of charge.
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